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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Guinea piggles

I can't believe I've been blogging for two months and haven't even shared my love of guinea pigs. I really, really do love them. You know that vision of a total cat lover? That's what I - and over people too - are like with guinea pigs. These are the two guinea pigs I share my home with.

This big girl's name is Quito. I adopted her from the Alberta Humane Society about this time last year. She is likely very old and seems to have an injury in her foot, but she is the most loving guinea pig I've ever met. Her hobbies include mad cuddling and peeing.

quito pig


This is a video I made the other day. She's just enjoying a scratch and sharing a few kisses while we listen to the new Tegan and Sara album. This is a guinea pig's happy sound, so cute right? The loud squeaking you hear at about 21 seconds is actually my other guinea pig when she realised she was missing out on the fun.

This other piggy here is Mia. We brought her home in about May when she was just 2 months old. These first few pictures are from when she was just a baby. She only weighed 210 grams, she was so so small.

mia at 6 weeks

oh hello, i fit in your hand
Why yes, I do fit into the palm of your hand.

mia in a pot

She also fit quite comfortably into this pot of mine.*

She gotten much bigger since then, here she is now.



*I also can't believe I have yet to post about just how much I love pottery.

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