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Friday, November 13, 2009

Show 'em some love.

I'm a little frustrated with the hate towards Faith 21. Here the thing, there is no monolithic fat woman. There is no: fat women wear this, and, a fat woman would never buy that. Forever 21 offers cheap, trendy, disposable clothing and that has been available for straight-sized teens for ages. Faith 21 is just opening that up to plus-sized girls as well. Different people have different styles and like to shop at different places. This fact doesn't just disappear when the individual is over a size 14. Whether you like, or would buy, anything from Faith 21 isn't the point. The point is that they are continuing to extend their sizes and make their clothing accessible to a larger geographic area. That's a good thing, especially since not many other retailers are doing that right now.

Just so you don't thing I'm all grouch - and because I wanted to share - here's a picture of me and Mia.


  1. There are some plus sized stores that I wouldn't ever really shop at because their style is too young or perhaps mostly too short for me. BUT in saying that those shops often have the best accessories for bigger women such as bracelets & belts. There are some that have "old ladies" clothes, but when it comes to basics such as camisoles or simple cardigans they are often cheaper than the more trendy store. I don't even dismiss any stores that are there for plus women.. haa, even if I wouldn't buy there I could definitely have a look around without someone thinking I was too thin to be in their store!!!

    And Mia is the cutest. My boyfriend really wants a rabbit, but I'm thinking that maybe we could get a guinea pig.

  2. agreed!

    and thankyou. i would suggest getting a guinea pig unless you already now a LOT about rabbits. my older sister has both 2 guinea pigs and 2 rabbits and guinea pigs are much easier to take care of. they also enjoy cuddling and being held much more. ♥
    if you do please post a picture, i love those little guys.

  3. your hair looks adorable :D! and i totally am with you on the faith21 thing :)

  4. @Mars, thanks on both counts! :)

  5. I've shopped twice at Faith21 and feel that everything is too short. Skirts are too short for me ( I only bought one so far.. and even that I feel sometimes is a little scandelous. I usually wear it with leggings or tights)
    Their shirts are too short for me because I'm 5'10 So far nothing really captures my eye. And when I look on their site, a lot of stuff is quickly sold out. :(