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Friday, November 20, 2009


Guess what this blogger did today? Attended a preview day and applied to her university of choice! I hope this doesn't sound juvenile, but it was way easier than television makes it seem. I'm sure this is because I'm not wishing to attend anything prestigious but it's still a relief. Tomorrow I'll apply for residence and then all I can do is wait. Eeeeee!

Browsing the Old Navy website there a few things that stand out as potentially fabulous but I have to ask, what's up with the summer clothes in mid November?

What about cotton floral tunics and daydresses doesn't say summer? I do like these though. For the summer, I'd pair the tunic with skinny jeans and flat brown sandals, and the dress with sandals and a belt. Tunic and blue dress.

Yes, these are the same dress but both of the patterns are so lovely, and different enough that I want to own both. In the summer, I'd pair these flat sandals and a long necklace. For the colder part of the year, both of these would be cute with a cardigan, tights, and either flats or boots.

Speaking of cardigans...

V-neck cardi, swing cardigan, perfect cardigan.

Okay, how lovely would the chunky grey cardi look with the navy short sleeved dress? Coloured tights and flat black boots anyone? A long gold necklace?

Tights from We Love Colours in maroon. Necklace from ModCloth. Boots from Barefoot Tessa.

Enjoy! I only have so much more time before every penny needs be spent on my education, so maybe I'll swing by Old navy this weekend.

♥ Love always, and hello to my new readers/followers.


  1. Are you going to be leaving Edmonton for school, then?

  2. @suburbanamnesia, yup! i'm planning on going to the UofA's augustana campus in camrose. are you at the UofA in edmonton?

  3. Yep, I am! I have a friend at Augustana and she seems to really be enjoying it. I wouldn't worry too too much about rez, I think they guarantee it to anyone who gets in... I actually think you're required to live there, at least for your first year?

    Why Augustana and not the main campus, if you don't mind my asking?

  4. yeah res is required for first year students, but i really want a single room which is first come first serve. :)

    i actually have a couple of reasons. i have anxiety so a smaller campus is ideal, and i didn't want to stay in edmonton or i'd end up staying with my parents just out of convenience, as we live within walking distunce to the U anyways. i was thinking about going to the universit of victoria but it'd be too overwhelming to live in a big city where i know *no one*. i also really like the feel of the augustana campus and the city.

  5. unfortunately that yellow dress from ON is so ill-fitting :( I love florals and dresses so I ordered it...and what a disaster. I got the XXL and it was MASSIVE on the top and still pretty big on the bottom half as well. very out of proportion (for reference I'm about a 16/18...XL/XXL in ON) to top it off, it looked like a bad 60's housedress, nothing like how it looks in the photo. so dissapointing!

  6. @Stefanie - that's awful! i may still try it on the next time i'm at ON but it looked like it had so much potential. do you it was just the size or the fit of the dress overall?