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Friday, November 27, 2009

OOTD, finally!

I haven't posted an outfit in two weeks! Totally shameful.

I got this shirt not too long ago from the Righteous Babe Store. I never got around do doing a review of my purchases with them, but I'll say that after 2 months I got the three shirts I ordered, as well as three free items. All in all it wasn't a terrible purchase but I likely won't be buying from the site again. This Ani Difranco tour tee is so cute! But because crew necks make me feel like I'm choking, I took a pair of scissors to the collar. I was very careful that the neck was even and had no unsightly tags of fabric, and I'm happy with the result.

I've built a contraption (camera, wooden bangle, tissue paper) that allows me to get the right angle and thus include my head and feet in photos. Awesome, huh?

. .






Skirt - thrifted and altered by me, more info here.
T-shirt - RBR store, American Apparel unisex size L
Tights - Addition-Elle, 3x
Boots - Naturalizer, size 11. These boots are perfect. they fit over my calves (even with skinny jeans on), and they're so warm and very comfortable. I purchased them a couple seasons ago, and I go them for $30 vs. $130 because I bought them at the end of the season.
Necklace - free from the Re-use Centre
Peace ring - Icing by Claire's
Green stone ring - street vendour
Cardigan - Alloy, XXXL


  1. Oh man, you're an Ani fan too! Awesome!

    This outfit is really adorable. I'm so inspired by your style. <3

  2. You always have such cute outfits. I love what you've done to that tshirt!

  3. i stumbled on your blog the other day and i love it! you're so cute!
    and since i love your style, you're my new outfit recommend-er.

    following now!

  4. @Deborah-lee, thanks so much! i was nervous about cutting the collar but i'm very pleased with it

    @taylorrness, thank you! i'm glad to have a new reader ♥

  5. You are absolutly cute!!!! I heart the dress!!!!