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Monday, January 18, 2010

Cat Eye Glasses

Today I tried on a pair of dark purple plastic Cutler and Gross cat eye glasses and they were all kinds of fabulous. The shade of purple was stunning, there were two little stars in each outer corner, and they fit my big head wonderfully. They were a bit of out my price range at about $450, but I am in love. Unfortunately I can't find a photo (are Cutler and Gross too high-end for stock photos?) so you'll have to trust me on this. Perhaps next time I'll try to snap a photo to show you all. Now I have to start begging my parents, or find a pair of wonderful vintage-inspired (not actually vintage) cat eye glasses that fit my big face and are less than $250. It's been over two years since I last bought a pair of glasses, and so I do need a new pair this spring...

Now did Marilyn Monroe ever know how to look chic in glasses.


  1. I have genuinely been spending forever trying to find some cat eye glasses and it's near impossible in the UK! : (

    I really want to see a photo of those beauties, they sound lovely!

  2. i believe Cutler and Gross is a UK brand, it's worth checking out. you could always get your precription put in a pair of vintage glasses. i'm leery to try it but (what if they broke?) but others have with good results.

  3. I might have to! I keep scouring eBay over here but pretty much everything is in the US : (

    I'm really hesitant about new lenses breaking my dream frames but I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet....!

  4. I LOVE Cutler and Gross glasses! They don't have an online catalogue, it sucks. I've been to their shop in London and it's tiny but lovely. I love how they fit big heads! I have cat eyes from them <3

  5. Hi there, I just tried on what could be the same pair of cutler and gross frames you are alluring after....I actually stalked a girl who was wearing them to find out the style code. After weeks of hunting stores I found them here in Melbourne. It was love at first sight, your right about the scary price tag...my husband agrees, but when you have to wear glasses all the time, there is no point in not liking what you see on your face.

    Check out my blog for an image of the spec's. Let me know if these are the same ones.


    Good luck with you search for the perfect cat's eye.