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Saturday, January 23, 2010


To some, horizontal stripes are a fat girl's worst enemy, but to this fat girl, they're the best friend that you're secretly in love with.




I bought this shirt in a 3X from Addition-Elle for about $20 during their Boxing Week sale. I really like it, but like most of Addition-Elle's items, it wasn't worth its original price of around $50. These jeans are the Diva Skinny jeans from Old Navy in Dark Blue and a size 18. They do stretch out after wear but they are great. Maybe it's just my hips and legs but I love the way they fit (I should mention that my hips are 52"). I will definitely be buying these in a few other colours as Old Navy jeans are very hit or miss but when they work they really work for my body. And who can say no at only $40? The scarf is second hand and really fabulous, if a bit itchy (and I only threw it on for the photo).

I wasn't sure about posting this next picture because it really shows of my lumps and bumps but after seeing the following picture on Adipositivity I knew that it was fate of some sorts that I share this fattyfat photo with the online world.



  1. I love that shirt! I'm secretly in love with horizontal stripes, too, fat girl rules be damned. I've never had any luck with old navy jeans - I guess I'm shaped wrong for them or something - but they totally work for you.

  2. thank you! fat girl clothing rules are made to be broken :)

  3. I have always loved horizontal stripes. I dont understand why people would always tell me not to wear them. I dont give a...I think they are awesone!

  4. Thanks! I love them too, I had a bit too much of them after Jr. high (ha!), but they're back to being totally fabulous IMO

  5. I love horizontal stripes! Though I've only got one item in my closet that has them.. love them nonetheless!

    btw, <3 the T&S arrow bag. Wish I had the chance to see them when they played in the UK :-(



  6. Own it, girlie--you look fabulous!
    I never wear jeans and I recall having a complicated relationship with Old Navy when I did, but those fit you like a dream.

  7. Hey,
    There's a picture of you going around on the weightloss tumblr community using one of these photos in a "before and after" photoset.
    I recognized you and wanted to make sure it was you.
    I just thought I'd let you know