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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nail Polish

Coloured nails aren't something that I'm always totally on board with, but lately I'm liking them more and more. Something about Gabi's mint green nails, a special someone's wonderful coloured nails, and her appreciation of mine have me swooning. Wanting something special, I swung by a local drug store and picked up this shade. It's a neat colour, but I'm less then impressed. It's too sheer, too shimmery, and does that thing where instead of drying hard it stays tacky and rubs off. Ick.


After a look at Opi's website and a quick Google search, I've found some colours I'm dying to try. As you can tell, the colour I'm looking for is a mid-tone purple or mauve bordering on dull.

Significant Other Colour

Parlez Vous OPI?

A Grape Fit

Do You Lilac It?

I also need this fabulous yellow in my life.

The It Color


  1. parlez-vous opi is GORGEOUS, i wear it all the time- definitely go that one. make sure you get a top coat too though (a cheap drugstor one is fine) so your nails last longer :)

    ps just found your blog through tegan&sara-love, i forget how, and you seem lovely. HI :)

  2. it looks wonderful, i'm really excited to try it

    and hello!

  3. nicole by opi is actually good in quality. it seems that you didn't apply a base coat or a quick drying top coat. those are must-haves. the base coat protects your nails, and the quick drying top coat helps the moisture evaporate so you don't get that "tacky" thing going on. as for the sheerness, that will be solved if you applied more than one coat of the nail polish.

  4. the "do you lilac it?" is a fantastic color. and it is good quality as long as you don't put it on too thick or too thin. i'm not super great at nails, but when i get it right it's amazing.

  5. Found your blog through Fatshionista, and I love it! Adina by Zoya is a gorgeous lilac polish with a cool flash of pink/green duochrome, and the formula is great. I grabbed one on ebay for less than $7 shipped, and several online beauty supply outfits carry it, too.