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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Perfect Pumps

Because of my large feet, it's rare that I find shoes that fit me in thrift stores. It's even rarer that any shoes that fit are cute. I look longingly at the size 8's and want to weep at the array of gorgeous footwear I will never own. I was super excited then, when I found these gorgeous shoes in size 11W. They fit wonderfully, and the detailing on the toes and the mini wedge are to die for. I am in love, I tell you. I'm ready to pair these babies with skirts, dresses, and skinny jeans. I do have to give them a bit of a cleaning still.




I was only in the thrift store for 10 minutes (we had just stopped by to drop off a donation while running errands), and so I am itching to go thrifting for real. Next weekend perhaps?

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