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Friday, January 29, 2010

Clothes! Oh my!

I'm not the best blogger, now am I? I've gotten a little worse at blogging throughout the week, and a little better at wasting time. Now, I read a lot of political and fashion-orientated blogs, but I don't consider that a waste of time. Things like FML, Comixed, Fail Blog, Passive-Agressive Notes and Tetris, however, are all huge wastes of time. There is no way around it. I consider myself a lover of witty humour but I admit to having actually laughed out loud at many "fails" and "lols" this week.

First up is something I wore this past Monday. I wasn't sure about this shirt and whether it fit or not. It fits in the way that I can get it on, but it's kind of snug. Bad snug, or just feminine-fitting t-shirt snug? I much prefer over-sized/loose-fitting tops (is this personal preference or fat-girl insecurity?). I threw on this American Apparel cardigan because it was the closest cardi in my reach, but I thought the lilac and teal went well together. The cardigan fits me in the arms/shoulders/back but I can't button it up over my stomach. That's alright, I'll wear it unbuttoned! I doubt I'm the only fat person who does this.




Jeans - Old Navy size 18
T-shirt - The Gap size XL
Cardigan - American Apparel Unisex size L
Tank-top - Old Navy size XXL
Necklace - Forever 21

I haven't worn this dress out yet because I can't bare to pair it with tights and boots, but I couldn't wait a minute longer to show it to you. I was in Pennington's for only a few minutes during their after-Christmas sale and saw this dress. I'd never seen it in the store before, they only had one, it was in my size, and it was only $8. The fashion gods wear clearly staring down on me that day. I love the retro feel with regards to the shape and the itty-bitty polka dots. As you can tell, come Spring, I plan on pairing it with flats, a colourful cardigan, and a statement necklace.







Dress - Pennington's size 2X
Red Cardigan - Alloy size XXXL
Teal Cardigan - American Apparel Unisex size L
Beaded necklace - Gifted by my parents, from a vintage jewellery/antique store in out neighbourhood
Heart necklace - Forever 21
Shoes - Naturalizer size 11, bought on sale for $10 about a year ago
Black flower hair clips - Le Chateau

I feel a little goofy (but still fabulous) for playing "dress-up." Oh well. ♥


  1. I'm really liking your make-up in the polka dot dress photos. Very retro and cute.

  2. I love that dress on you especially with the red cardigan and the make-up, you look gorgeous!

  3. thanks so much Stephanie. i really love the vintage feel of it

  4. I LOVE the dress + red cardigan combo! The accessories and makeup are a wonderful finishing touch. Awesome outfit!

    P.S. I just started following your blog, I love it! I'm also a plus size Canadian gal tryin' to make due with limited shopping options. Keep up the great work :)

  5. I always wear my cardigans unbuttoned. I like being able to swaddle myself up if I want to, but then I feel like I look noticeably bigger. I don't know? Anyway, I get what you mean!

    That polka-dot dress is positively creamy and you look fooooooiiiiiine!

  6. that top actually looks amazing on you! I think that outfit is probably my favourite casual outfit I've seen you in! :) and that dress is gorgeous! love it with the red cardi!

  7. Thanks everyone! It seems like the dress and red cardigan combo is the popular choice, i'll keep that in mind come spring. :)

  8. 1. The pink-mauvy-shirt is not too tight! Believe me, I have the same insecurities, but it's actually super cute. Cardigan looks good over too, though :)

    2. THAT DRESS. THAT DRESS AND CARDIGAN COMBO. ALL OF IT. *dies of combo-jealousy-and-overexposure-to-pretty*

    3. Do you mind terribly if I post your awesome dress find and ootdress photo on my tumblr, thesizeissue.tumblr.com?

  9. faye,
    1. thanks! i'll just have to get over that "oh my god it's too snug!" issue
    2. thank you, again :)
    3. not at all, that's awesome

  10. The second outfit, make up and hair is superb! You're adorable!

  11. omg the polka dot dress is so hot. why does everyone have a nice polka dot dress except me?

  12. Nope- you aren't the only one that does that with cardigans! In fact, I don't see many people actually wearing cardigans buttoned up! You look lovely-I do like your polka dot dress!

  13. Awwr this look so cute. And you make-up just looks perfect, the polka dress and everything together just perfectly fit to you.

  14. thank you everyone, you're all so sweet.

  15. Hi! I was just wondering what size you would be in UK sizes. I'm a big english girl and I've neverrrrr had the balls to wear a dress. I wore leggings once and I literally could not stand the whispering :( pah.
    You look lovelyyyy though :)

  16. @L.S.B., I've never ordered clothes from the UK but I'm a size 20-24 in US/Canadian sizing so I think I'd be a size 24/26 in UK sizes. I think if you want to wear a dress, you should do it! I often get comments on my clothes but if you're confident and feeling beautiful they won't bother you as much. & we should never let haters stop us from living our lives how we want.

    & thanks for the compliment :)