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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mad for Mint

Mmm, mint chocolate chip ice cream. My favourite!


I've finally jumped on the mint green nail polish trend. How could I not, when it's such a beautiful colour? I thought I'd take the opportunity to try out a new brand, and a whole new formula.


Sula is a brand based in Toronto that makes perfume, body wash, body lotion, butter balms, and nail colour. This is Sula Paint & Peel nail colour in "Haze." This formula contains no formaldehyde, toluene and phthalates. It doesn't have a harsh nail polish smell, and because you can peal it off you don't need to use nail polish remover. It's meant to be "make-up for your nails" which means you can change it up and reapply daily. However, you can add a top coat and it will last as long as normal nail polish. It comes in a beautiful selection of colours and I'm very happy with mine. I would highly suggest this for anyone who is looking to move away from harsh, toxic chemicals in their personal care products, those who want change up their nail colour every day or so, and those you want to support an independent Canadian brand. However, Sula nail colour would go to waste on someone who has a habit of picking at their nails and/or cuticles. I purchased it at The Plaid Giraffe in Edmonton, which is a small local boutique that carries jewellery, purses, and scarves. Here's a list of stores in Canada and the US that carry Sula. I bought mine for $10, and they are available on the Sula website for $9 US and ship to Canada and the US.

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  1. I LOVE SULA. I have the orange one hahaha! Nice colour.

    I love how you tied your bandana up in your hair. I'm trying to do it but fail horribly.

  2. I may be under a rock, but I just heard of them a few weeks ago. I love this colour, and the orange looks beautiful.

    Thank you. You really have to have a scarf that's the perfect size and stiffness, and after that it's easy.

  3. Another great color is called "Office" by American Apparel. It's a gorgeous color!!


  4. Mmmm mint chocolate chip! My favorite as well!
    Gorgeous colour. I am loving light pastel tones on nails.
    I'll have to check this nail polish out, I can't wear it at work so it sounds like the perfect alternative since I am too lazy to apply then remove normal nail polish.

  5. @Alexisaraus, I wanted to try it, but it's sold out at my nearest AA. Maybe I'll chekc anbother location, or order it online. It looks like a lovely colour.

    @Erin, this would be perfect for you. Where do you work that you can't wear nail polish?

  6. I like the nail color and the first picture of you is very very pretty! xo