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Sunday, July 11, 2010

More floral!

floral pockets

tree hugger



I don't have tonnes to say about this outfit except that I'm glad I'm getting more comfortable showing off leg. The dress and purse are thrifted, the belt came with another dress from The Jean Queen, and the super worn out shoes are from Payless. The silver bangles are from Penningtons, the turquoise bangle is from Ten Thousand Villages, the button ring was made and gifted by my girlfriend, and the owl broach was given to me by my mom, who originally received it as a gift from my father.


  1. I love this post so much for two things. My love of tree hugging and my love of owls. Add them together, throw in a great dress & a pretty girl and this post = perfection!

  2. The dress is lovely :) And you should definitely be comfortable with showing off your legs! You look lovely.

  3. I love this outfit!
    all of your latest outfits have been lovely, but I think this is my favorite yet!

  4. I am in love with that dress! You should show off your legs more! You have great legs!


  5. Very Cute! Totally love the button ring!

  6. You are gorgeous as always!

    I worked in a metal shop all throughout highschool, looking at that button ring makes me miss it so so much!

  7. This is great. I wish I was comfortable showing off my legs. You make me think I should work on it. You look gorgeous!

  8. Thanks so much everyone!

    @Modracula, that's so cool! I'd love to know how to work with metal. My girlfriend works at a jewellery supply shop where they also hold classes, so she's learning how to make jewellery and it's so cool. She's great at glass beads.

    @Lizzy, thank you! You should work on it, legs in the summer are wonderful. I wear cycle shorts under dresses which helps a bit, so I'm not worrying about showing off my undies.

  9. you pull off the gorgeous style so effortlessly :) it seems! i love the button ring and im not into rings at all and the dress is lovely! Unbelievably i am getting more comfortable showing off leg now as well i have many skirts with no matching shirts and tops lol!

  10. hi!your skirt is very nice!i like your style!from now I'm one of your followers!if you want take a look to my blog..usually I don't do outfits but i like to post what i buy! xxx