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Thursday, July 15, 2010


It's been raining all week, but it took a break in the early afternoon and I was able to get outside and take photographs.

I really love the look of high-waisted pants, but because of my ample belly they don't really work on me. The waist band digs into my tummy when I sit down, making it uncomfortable. I'm always more comfortable when I wear things above my tummy (skirts) or below my tummy (jeans). It was still fun to try out, and not bad just for an afternoon.

pi 002

pi 003

pi 005

pi 008

pi 020

pi 009

pi 017 pi 023

It was sunnier than I had expected!
pi 033
pi 031

- Jeans and t-shirt are from Old Navy
- Necklace, shoes, sweater, sunglasses and purse are thrifted
- Hat is from Le Chateau
- Belt is from Northern Reflections


  1. wonderful look! <33
    would you like to follow my blog, too?
    i've been following your blog for 2 weeks c;
    i would be really glad if you're following mine, too. just if you want ♥

  2. I love this look on you! You pull of the high waisted look well.

  3. Nice look!
    I recommend the ASOS jeggings. They're soft, look like jeans and don't dig into your tummy at all.

  4. You look lovely! I love the high waisted look on you! :D


  5. absolutely lovely! you`re so pretty!

    Hope you saw the feature :)

  6. My my, how pretty you are! You always make your outfits so cute and all your clothes suit you so well :)
    I find high-wasted skirts very comfortable and flatteringly body hugging, myself. I could never wear high wasted jeans, though, because they're out of my comfy zone. But you look so beautiful in them! Maybe I should try one day?
    Plus, I love your photos! Do you have a friend who takes them for you? I really should ask one of my friends (or my sister) to take photos of me for my blog, too, as I find it very hard to photograph myself :D

  7. Aww, I just started reading your blog and you are so cute! I love when I find other Canadian fa(t)shion bloggers :)

    I think this outfit suits you so well too!


  8. You are rocking it! Love the jeans.

  9. I have the EXACT same problem. I 2nd the asos jeggings. They are so freaking soft I dont have any problems with them cutting in but i am not crazy about jeggings being worn with everything you know? SO STILL ON THE HUNT FOR JEANS I can wear where I am supposed to without getting cut up haha.

    You look adorable, and those jeans do look amazing on you!<3<3

  10. i think we've talked about this before, but i've also been on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans/jeggings! still haven't found them! :( but seriously- these look fab on you. i LOVE this look and i definitely can't pull it off, so for this i am totally envious of you!

  11. i think the high waisted jeans look suits you! you look fab!

  12. love that outfit ! love the necklace, the jeans & the top !
    you're a real beauty

  13. Thank you all so much for the nice comments! ♥

    @Lina, Thank you! I'm following your blog now.

    @Katherine, I take my own photos, just using a little table-top tripod and finding places around to set it. :) It took me a year to finally figure out how to take good photos of myself, it definitely takes a lot of fiddling.

  14. I love this outfit. So cute! Love the sweater :)


  15. OMG i ADORE this on you!!!!!!!!!!!! So fabulous!

    jessica kane


  16. I love that cardi, I have one similar. :)