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Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Make do and Mend" Blogger Challenge

Paige of Midwest Darling recently challenged her fellow bloggers to fix-up "ruined" pieces of clothing rather then getting rid of them. Her post "Things We Can Learn From Our Grandparents : 'Make Do and Mend' " is really inspirational, and I hope you'll check it out.

I originally bought this shirt because I liked the way it fit, and it was part of a "two for" sale Addition-Elle was having, but I always thought the colour was sort of blah. It didn't help that it developed multiple stains before I got the chance to wear it more than a few times. I had no intention of throwing it away, but I had no idea what to do with it. Thanks to Paige's Make do and Mend challenge, this shirt got a new life.

I decided to bleach splatter it because even if it didn't cover all of the stains, it would make any discolouration less obvious. Plus, I love the bleach splatter look and it was time I tried it out for myself.

The shirt before it's transformation. Boring colour and stains!

The bleach. Did I ever tell you I'm afraid of bleach? My family never had it around the house or used it for cleaning, so to me it is this unfamiliar, corrosive substance.

I poured the bleach into a plastic container, and used this cheap craft brush to splatter the shirt.

We have a wheel-chair accessible shower, which made a perfect place to work.

After the colour change set in, I rinsed it a few times with cool water and then hung it to dry.

Final product!

I haven't worn it out yet (I was eager to make this post) but when I do I'll keep it simple. Here is is with Old Navy leggings, and AA scarf, and silver bangles from Penningtons.

There you go! Rather than throwing out the shirt and contributing to the world's growing waste problem, I was crafty and now have a 'new' shirt different from anything else I own.


  1. great idea! love the way it turned out

  2. This look is huge in Korea right now!

    Your version looks great!

  3. im so doing this now! thank you for this idea!

  4. -that looks awesome, i've always wanted too bleach denim but im scared. i love cutting up old clothes and fixing them up,
    ahah, great blog.
    havea nice day(:

  5. ooh awesome. I might do a few of my crappy black tops !!!

  6. I love transforming a piece of clothing. I'm currently in search of red dye to recover my favorite Nokomis shirt...

  7. So great! Thanks for sharing!

    I've also used clorox bleach pens (not sure if you have those in canada) to draw designs and even used stencils with some success on t-shirts and tank tops. If you decide to use a stencil, you just take the bleach pen gel, or even soft scrub with bleach, and rub a thin layer over the stencil opening.

    One cool thing is that different colors bleach out differently - so, black does this cool red to-orange-to-yellow color (depending on how long you let it process) but blue does a cool lighter blue, and red does pink, etc. It sounds obvious but I was delighted when I discovered it :)

  8. Aw Yeah! I'm just waiting on a few more bloggers to finish and we'll have a blogger roundup!

    You did an amazing job! I'm surprised it turned red!


  9. i did that with and old t-shirt that i didnt like anymore, and cut the neckline and made it and off the shoulder tee. gave it a new life