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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Purple shadow & winged liner, how I love you

Enough people seemed interested in detailed make-up posts, so I decided to finally do it. Just as a heads up, I am no expert. I don't even wear make-up on a daily basis. But I do enjoy wearing make-up, playing around with colours, and I have found what works for me. I'm going to show you my favourite look, which is quite similar to what I wore to my grad banquet.

I don't like wearing heavy foundation, so after washing and moisturizing my face I put on Quo Mineral Sheer Tint tinted moisturizer in Porcelain and set it with Mac Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.
makeup 022

Here are the eyeshadows I'm using.
makeup 055
1. Mac Nocturnelle
2. Mac Trax
3. Mac Hey (part of Fafi Eyes 1, but not LE)
4. The white from the Lise Watier Vintage Moderne Palette

First, I apply Nocturnelle to the outside corner of my eyes using a short, stubby brush. It looks a bit silly, but I just focus on making sure both eyes are even.
makeup 028
makeup 027

After that, I switch back to my regular eyeshadow brush. I blend out Nocturnelle, and apply Trax to the lids.
makeup 037
makeup 040

Next, I apply Hey to the inner corner of my eye (but still on the lid) and blend with Trax. Then I use the white to highlight, and apply it under my brow and on the very inner corner of my eyes.
makeup 060

When I do winged eyeliner, I always draw the wing on first which makes it much easier. I can't take credit for this, I got the idea from a make-up tutorial featured on YFF about a year ago.
makeup 070

makeup 072

Finish off with mascara. This mascara is my favourite, it's a nice formula and it makes my lashes stand out without clumping.
makeup 076

Apply some blush and the look is done. I'm wearing the blush that's part of the Lise Watier Vintage Moderne Palette (pictured above). I love shimmery, peachy blushes. They're beautiful and perfect for fair skin tones.

Here's the finished look out in sunlight.

makeup 087

makeup 104

makeup 120

makeup 123

makeup 119

So, what do you think? Would you like to see more make-up posts in the future?


  1. That was great. Lovely job! I would love to see more makeup tips.

  2. love it! would definitely like to see more makeup posts in the future since I can use all the help I can get with makeup, especially eye shadow.

  3. That seriously looks amazing!! You look so good!

  4. Love it! Your skin is gorgeous, lucky girl. Everytime I try and do winged eyes it never comes out right. I like the tip on drawing the outer part first.

  5. Such cute makeup, I'm inspired to wear some! Please do more Makeup Posts :3 x

  6. Most definitely more make up post! Looove the eyeliner.

  7. wow i don't wear foundation either but omg your skin is perfect!

  8. that's so great, thanks for the tutorial, the pics are really useful, and the result looks stunning!

  9. Gorgeous! I'll have to try this sometime :)

  10. This is amazing! Do more!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  11. GOSH! Make up is super cute, but how about that hair! How did you do that!!!

  12. Hi,

    Im new reader to your blog and I really like. I follow you allready ;o)


  13. Your make-up looks amazing! I love the colors you used. You are so pretty xo