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Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm so predictable.

Who would've guessed I liked zebras or purple? :)

Today I went to a friend's birthday celebration. We had a scavenger hunt around West Edmonton Mall, had a lovely dinner, and now everyone over 18 is out for drinks. Oh yes, I'm envious. The birthday girl had a Bailey's milkshake. Mmmmm! Two and half weeks and that'll be me.

ootd zebraaa

red zebra what's down there?

Jeans - Old Navy, size 18
Top - Winners, size 3X
Flats - Payless, size 11
Scarf - gifted
Bangle - Sears
Necklace - Spring (I really do wear this Paris necklace everyday)

New glasses! I really wanted cat-eye frames, but I couldn't find any in my price range. My parents also didn't want to spend money on frames that "come in and out of fashion so often." And most cat-eye frames aren't made for people with big heads like me. Anyways, I found these purple beauties at Lenscrafters for $99, and I'm really happy with them.

new glasses


Tomorrow I'm going over to my bestie's for a mini-spa day and a Degrassi marathon. Heck yes! ♥ Any Degrassi fans out there? I have a huge crush on Adam.


  1. I really like those glasses! I had a hard time trying to decide on my frames, it really is a big dicision!

    I love the shirt! I've fallen in love with zebra print as of late!

  2. cute look, your hair is so beautiful, wish I had hair like yours. <3

  3. supercute, your like the wonder woman of cuteness. love the outfit

  4. Those glasses are beautiful Sonia, haha. Why don't you try ordering cat-frame glasses on the net?

    I AM A TOTAL DEGRASSI FAN. IT IS SUCH a good show haha. I'm actually watching the seasons all over again. I really like Drew haha.

  5. Adam is absolutely my favorite this season. I'm disappointed that they dropped the original characters, though. =/
    Anyway, I love your style. :)

  6. Cute glasses. its time for me to get some new specticles too!

  7. @Natalie, thank you! I totally agree, when I pick a apir of frames I know I'm going to wearing every day for atleast two years. It's a big decision. I love zebra print.

    @Jennifer, that's ridiculous, I'm totally envious of *your* hair. Thank's though. :)

    @Katie, haha awe thank you!

    @Gazel, thanks! I'm a bit iffy about ordering glasses online though, what if they don't fit?
    Yay! I rewatched all the seasons last year, and then got really into it again. I love Drew. he's so cute, and not as bad as the first few episodes (with Riley) suggested.

    @paigeisaurusrex, I love Adam so much! I miss the originals too, it seems like there have been so many new characters introduced season 9 and 10, but I'm glad they don't focuse too strongly on characters that've graduated. It's a highschool show, so unfortunately characters have to get booted, y'know? But I'm going to miss Spinner.
    Thank you!

    @misss_e, thanks! I always love getting new glasses.

  8. your frames look pretty :-) and it really is a bargain, here the cheapest would be around $120!