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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shoes & Accessories

Today I went to the dentist for two more fillings (eek!) and had an eye exam. Thankfully, my optometrist's office is at the mall so I was able to do some shopping.

I wanted to get these Payless shoes last week, and was disappointed when I couldn't. Good thing I waited, as they went on sale over the weekend.

new shoes
Plaid ruffle flats ($25), hounds tooth cap toe flats ($28), and basic black flats ($11)

cap toe

plaid ruffle

I also bought two necklaces. After checking out a lot of stores, I chose to shop at Spring.

floral, hearts, and bows
Floral heart necklace ($5)

Paris necklace ($10)

I also bought a comforter, sheets, and towels for my dorm room, as well as a new pair of glasses that I'll be picking up in a few days. Yay, shopping!


  1. Wow - all those shoes are awesome! I love the Paris necklace too^^


  2. Cute! I especially love the Paris necklace.

  3. I love payless and youre necklaces are amazing.... especially the heart shaped one my fav...I have a couple of flats that Ive purchased at payless :) love it

  4. @Trees, thank you! I love 'em all so much.

    @StephanieDJL, thanks! I really love it to, and to think I almost didn't buy it.

    @Cara, I really like Payless as well, it's one of the few places I can buy cute, affordable shoes in my size (size 11) without shopping online. I love their flats.

  5. Cute shoes! I also shop a lot at payless (which we do have in my town) and always hunt for their bargains :-)
    My favourite is the Paris necklace, it looks chic and adorable!