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Monday, August 2, 2010

PostSecret: I'd rather be fat...

I just was just checking PostSecret, like I do every week, and I came across this wonderful secret.

There was, of course, a lot of great talk around the fat-o-sphere when this billboard first came out, but seeing this secret included as part of such a popular project made me smile.


  1. I saw this secret on Sunday and smiled too :)

  2. The funny thing is I kno of fat vegetarians!! So... what do they have to say to THAT??!

  3. Both the ad and the post card are silly, i'm a vegetarian and fat.
    Not eating meat will probably help some people lose weight, especially if every meal consists of red meat, but I didn't lose weight when I became a vegetarian. I would never encourage anyone to go vegetarian as a way of dieting/losing weight, that in itself is ridiculous!
    I hate PETA and have for many years, they try to bully people and pick on celebrities when they should really use their time and resources into educating the youth of today about becoming vegan or vegetarian (minus the weight loss talk!)
    I also think the person who sent in this post card is equally ridiculous. I'm sure they weren't 100% serious and mostly wanted to get back at PETA for their rude ad, but it still bothers me a little.

  4. I'm fat and a vegetarian LOL...my bad!

  5. @pearlslaceandruffles, I believe what it is is that vegetarians weigh, on average, 10 pounds less than non-vegetarians. Losing 10 pounds of course doesn't make a fat person thin though. I totally agree with you on PETA, they are wildly offensive, do nothing right, and I imagine encourage non-vegetarians to continue eating meat. Unfortunately though, they are also the most widely known vegetarian/animal rights group.
    I also totally understand your sentiment and why you don't like the post card.

    @StephanieDJL, there are tonnes of fat vegetarians, but I'm sure PETA thinks you're doing it wrong. hah! :)

  6. "I'm fat and a vegetarian LOL...my bad!"

    LOL, WORD! :D