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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Queer Prom

Last Saturday was Edmonton's 4th Annual - and my first ever - Queer Prom. I went with my girlfriend, my sister, and a friend of hers, and I had a great time. MLA Laurie Blakeman gave a wonderful speech, and tonnes of dancing ensued. My only criticism is that they played a lot of "Top 40" songs, and that means a lot of songs played at my Grad the evening prior. I would have loved some less mainstream, queer dance tunes. I'm talking MEN, Le Tigre, The Butchies, Peaches. Y'know? Anyways, on to the outfit.

I wanted to wear something fun, and took this oppurtunity to step outside of my comfort zone. I haven't shown this much leg in years. I took courage and confidence, but I ended up feeling great.

Grad 216

Queer Prom

Grad 236

Grad 238

Grad 250
This fabulous sequin jacket is a friend's, but I'm so glad he let me borrow it for the evening.

Dress - thrifted, marked as an XL
Cycle shorts - American Apparel, size L
Flats - Payless, size 11
Stretch belt - vintage, via Divine
Gold chain necklace - thrifted
Fabric flower hairclip - Le Chateau

My ideal queer dance would definitely include these songs.


  1. Your friends jacket that you are wearing is fabulous!!

    It's always scary stepping out of your comfort zone, but you look great! You should show leg more often!!

  2. sonia - i think you look fantastic! i also have a strange sense of pride knowing you're also queer... yay!

  3. You look beautiful! I used to love Le Tigre when I was 15, forgot about them until now! xo