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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Guinea pigs and phone calls

My girlfriend called me today from South Africa and it was so great to here her voice! It made me realize, though, that I hadn't even mentioned she had left. She's been gone about five weeks and will be home in about two more. I miss her like crazy! While she's been away I've been taking care of her two guinea pigs. They are so cute, but not as cuddly as my female guinea pig. Silly boys.

Faux Hawk


& here's a picture of Stephanie and I from Queer Prom.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Missing Metric

My dad was going to take me to an outdoor concert tonight, to see Metric and Hot Hot Heat. I've seen Metric before but have never seen Hot Hot Heat live. It was part of Capital Ex so it was free, you just have to pay the $12 grounds admission.

Right as we were about to leave, it started raining. Determined, we grabbed our umbrellas and headed out. We made it about a block before we were both soaked and my dad's umbrella had broken, so we turned around. The sky is dark and there's a lot of thunder and lightening. I'm glad to be at home, and not too dissapointed that I'll be missing the concert.

Here's what I was going to wear out, but I've already changed into sweats. I think I'll cuddle up with coffee and Bailey's and watch TV. House and Medium are both on tonight.




Black pants - Old Navy size 18
Striped shirt - Old Navy size XXL
Shoes - Payless size 11
Necklace - thrifted
Purse - Polly Magoo's

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My two favourite things

...are thrifting and floral. Could you guess? :)

Today kind of alternated between fun and miserable. It would have been a lovely day but the heat and mosquitoes were horrendous, making me wish I hadn't even left the house. On the way home, I had to wait at the bus stop for over half an hour, there were so many mosquitoes that I had a panic attack. Even an hour after getting home I ended up crying just because I was still so overwhelmed. This might seem like a bit much of a response, but you must understand that there were a lot of mosquitoes, much more than my city usually sees, I'm the type of person who is incredibly attractive to mosquitoes, and I have anxiety.

However, in between screaming, hyperventilating, scratching, and swatting, Keegan taught me how to knit and we went to Value Village. Thrifting is much less stressful wen you're not looking specifically for clothes.

My outfit:






Lapis acid wash t-shirt - American Apparel unisex size L
Skirt - thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Vintage turquoise necklace - gift
Sunglasses - Forever 21

A few of my purchases:

This is the first time I've thrifted tights. I haven't tried them on yet but hopefully they fit.

Also only for $1, the cashier was impressed at my find.


My favourite purchase, these cute floral glasses. Set of 6 for $5. They're oh so pretty.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Taste of Edmonton

The other night I headed downtown to A Taste of Edmonton, a festival that showcases 40 of Edmonton's best restaurants, and gives you a chance to sample their dishes. This was the first time I've gone, and while it's expensive and crowded, I had a great time and certainly enjoyed the food.

Chana masala with saffron rice from New Asian Village. This is the best saffron rice I've had. I've only eaten at New Asian Village once, years ago before I even liked Indian food. I'd love to go again, but it's very expensive.

Keegan's chicken tiki with garlic naan bread, also from New Asian Village. Best naan bread of my life.

Deep fried ice cream. Yum oh yum. It's like having apple crisp with ice cream, but you don't have to put up with the apples.

Vegan salty "chicken" from Padmanadi. It was delicious, but a little tough. Padmanadi is Edmonton's best vegan restaurant, and this is the first I've tried off of their menu. I've been wanting to go for ages, and it's time I check out the restaurant.

Keegan's sushi with fish eggs. He offered me some but ew, fish eggs!

Shrimp tempura. I'm taking a break from vegetarianism, and boy did I enjoy this shrimp. I still prefer zucchini tempura though.

I forget what this is called but it was so good! It's a shot of espresso, with vanilla gelato, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. Best dessert ever, too bad I had to split it.


Chocolate lava cake with raspberry sorbet. While cute, this was the least delicious food of the evening.

I also took photos of my outfit while we we at A Taste of Edmonton, but they're on my friend's camera. I'll post those as soon as I get them.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Make-up Monday: Touch of teal


I'm really excited to introduce a new weekly feature here on the ol' blog, Make-up Monday! I've gotten very positive feedback on my make-up posts in the past (thanks everyone!) and have been wanting to introduce a weekly feature for a while, so this works out perfectly! This is no subtle look, but I thought it was a lot of fun. I apologize that my bangs are super messy in the first few photos.

After applying Quo Mineral Sheer Tint tinted moisturizer in Porcelain, I apply Smashbox Skin tint in Tint to the apples of my cheeks. Smashbox Skin tint is a really nice cream formula that can be used on your cheeks and lips.

I blend the blush using my fingers and apply Mac Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15 on top of everything.

On to the eyes.
1. Mac Cork
2. Mac Hey (part of Fafi Eyes 1, but not LE)
3. The white from the Lise Watier Vintage Moderne Palette

I apply the white under my brows and on the inner corner of my eyes as a highlight, apply Cork across the lid, and dab Hey on the centre of my lids.

Time for teal! I found this pigment at Save on Foods for a few dollars and it is a wonderful colour and formula. I take an eyeliner brush, spritz it with water, and dip it into the teal pigment. Then I apply it under my eyes.



Using my Prestige liquid eyeliner in Azure, I draw on the winged liner.

After I've got a nice shape I like, I bring the teal out underneath so it is part of the 'wing.'

Finally, I apply some mascara and lip gloss and the look is done!



Sunday, July 25, 2010

Owl take it in plaid

Today was really hot and sunny, but I already have a bit of a sunburn on my chest, back, and upper arms and I wanted to protect it. This outfit kept me cool and kept my sunburn out of the sun.

yum 005 yum 008

yum 011

yum 012


yum 018

Tunic - Addition Elle size 24
Cycle shorts - American Apparel size L
Belt - Northern Reflections size XL
Shoes - thrifted
Owl necklace - Forever 21
Bangle - thrifted

There's nothing better than ripe, juicy fruit on a hot summer day. This fruit salad has nectarine, kiwi, strawberries, and blueberries.

fruit salad

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I jumped on the Formspring bandwagon, and would love it if you asked me a question. Go ahead, ask away! ♥

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Purple shadow & winged liner, how I love you

Enough people seemed interested in detailed make-up posts, so I decided to finally do it. Just as a heads up, I am no expert. I don't even wear make-up on a daily basis. But I do enjoy wearing make-up, playing around with colours, and I have found what works for me. I'm going to show you my favourite look, which is quite similar to what I wore to my grad banquet.

I don't like wearing heavy foundation, so after washing and moisturizing my face I put on Quo Mineral Sheer Tint tinted moisturizer in Porcelain and set it with Mac Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.
makeup 022

Here are the eyeshadows I'm using.
makeup 055
1. Mac Nocturnelle
2. Mac Trax
3. Mac Hey (part of Fafi Eyes 1, but not LE)
4. The white from the Lise Watier Vintage Moderne Palette

First, I apply Nocturnelle to the outside corner of my eyes using a short, stubby brush. It looks a bit silly, but I just focus on making sure both eyes are even.
makeup 028
makeup 027

After that, I switch back to my regular eyeshadow brush. I blend out Nocturnelle, and apply Trax to the lids.
makeup 037
makeup 040

Next, I apply Hey to the inner corner of my eye (but still on the lid) and blend with Trax. Then I use the white to highlight, and apply it under my brow and on the very inner corner of my eyes.
makeup 060

When I do winged eyeliner, I always draw the wing on first which makes it much easier. I can't take credit for this, I got the idea from a make-up tutorial featured on YFF about a year ago.
makeup 070

makeup 072

Finish off with mascara. This mascara is my favourite, it's a nice formula and it makes my lashes stand out without clumping.
makeup 076

Apply some blush and the look is done. I'm wearing the blush that's part of the Lise Watier Vintage Moderne Palette (pictured above). I love shimmery, peachy blushes. They're beautiful and perfect for fair skin tones.

Here's the finished look out in sunlight.

makeup 087

makeup 104

makeup 120

makeup 123

makeup 119

So, what do you think? Would you like to see more make-up posts in the future?